History Of ESSSWA

ESSSWA was founded with 93 founding members in June 1996 and recived its legal registration by MoJ in 1997. The rational of its establishment was: “Despite considerable number of graduates in those fields, they have remained virtually unrecognized” – is still valid.Read more

With the advent of ChSA proclamatin 621/2009, ESSSWA was re-registered as an Ethiopian Residents Charity.Read more

The Foundation of ESSSWA
Founding members of ESSSWA saw the importance of forming a unified and stronger professional society than creating three weak separate associations within the same professional family.
Statements of Vision and Mission
...Read more

The first SP (2006 – 2008)
The first SP had contributed a lot in re-orienting the organization for a significant leap further transforming it into a national professional society of sociologists, social workers and anthropologists in Ethiopia and guided the operation of...Read more

ESSSWA – is currently engaged in implementing two projects financed by OAK Foundation and USAID.
i) Enhancing Institutional and Research Capacities to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Project is financed by OAK Foundation and focuses on action-research and for the prevention of...Read more