World Social Work Day Celebration-2021 at Addis Ababa University

photo 2021 03 18 11 09 18photo 2021 03 18 11 09 07photo 2021 03 18 11 09 18 3Addis Ababa University (AAU) School of Social Work organized a symposium to celebrate ‘World Social Work Day of 2021’ in close collaboration with ESSSWA and ESWPA. As decided by International Federation of the schools of Social Work,the global theme of the day highlights, ‘Ubuntu:I am Because we are-strengthening social solidarity and globally Connectedness. The day started with a key message of the concept and philosophy of Ubuntu that sounds with the social work perspectives of the interconnectedness of all peoples in-environments by AAU School of Social Work head-Dr Mesele Mengesteab. The Symposium followed by the guest speakers of AAU Academic Vice President Dr Emebet Mulugeta and Ato Getachew- from Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs respectively. Both speakers emphasized the role, contributions and gaps of Social Workers on tackling the existing social dilemmas. ESSSWA excutive director-Ato Sintayehu Dejene also forwarded key messages on establishment and contribution of ESSSWA to the national Pre and In service training of Social Service workforce development and formulation of research, training modules and teaching aid materials for social work education across different regions and areas.  

In the symposium, academician namely Dr Wasse Kebede presented a paper on Social change and social workers contributions across three different times. Dr Ashanafi Hagos also presented the historical establishment of Social Work education in Ethiopia and Addis Ababa University. The third presenter was Dr Serkalem Bekele,she presented the existing establishment of Court social work unit in federal courts;Federal Supreme court and Federal First Instance Court- Ledeta Bench. Dr Zena Berhanu, who was a moderator allow participants of the symposium to reflect ideas and raise questions on paper presented and Dr Emebet Mulugeta, facilitator of the symposium forwarded end message on the need for solidarity at all levels: among and within individuals, communities, societies at globally, regional and national levels. Finally, participants donated blood and group photo was taken.