The sixteenth (2021) Annual Conference and GA Meeting of ESSSWA

The 16th Annual Conference and GA meeting of ESSSWA was held on the 26th and 27th of March 2021 at Intercontinental Addis Hotel. The theme of the conference was, ‘‘Sociocultural Issues and Practices in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building.”

This Year’s annual conference was partially sponsored by Friedrich Ebert and Stiftung (FES). ESSSWA is therefore, indebted to Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) for their generous financial support.

Day One: Annual Conference

Program Facilitator: Dr. Rahwa Mussie (Board Member)

Welcoming Remark: Dr. Alula Pankhurst (Board Member)

Key note Address: Dr. Belete Belachew (FES-Representative)

Official Opening:  Her Excellency Dr. Ergoge Tesfaye, Minster, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MOLSA)


March 26, 2021 was entirely devoted to paper presentations and discussions. The following informative and thought provoking research papers were presented and discussed:

Session One: Moderator- Dr. Melese Getu

  • The Practices and the Healing Nature of Indigenous Justice System: The Case of Ambasel Woreda; South Wollo, Ethiopia.          By Seid Hassen and Getu Ambaye (PhD)
  • Present Realities and Future Prospects of Indigenous Conflict Resolution Mechanisms in Amhara Region: Some Reflections. By Dessalegn Bizuneh
  • Causes of Marital Conflict and Customary Resolution Mechanisms among Kaffecho. By Eleni G/Senbet
  • The contribution of Liberia and Burundi’s women in peace keeping: Ethiopia can take a lesson. By Shewaye Semaw
  • Peace Building through Truth Commission in Africa: A Lesson to Ethiopia. By Dawit Yosef and Marew AbebeESSSWA 1

Session Two: Moderator-Dr. Abeje Birhanu

  • The 2018 Gedeo-Guji Conflict and its Resolution mechanisms. Southern Ethiopia. By Dagne Shibru (PhD)
  • የጎጃምና የወለጋ ህዝቦች ባህላዊና  ስነልቦናዊ  ትሰስር  ለአንድነትና  ለሃገር ግንባታ ተምሳሌትነት. By Desalegn Mekuriaw
  • Borana-Konso Amicable Relations and the Post-1991 Challenges. By Dejene Gemechu (PhD)
  • Customary Authorities: Transformation of Positions and Powers among the Ogaadeen Somali Clan of Ethiopia.By Kalid Abdinasir (PhD)

 Session Three: Moderator- Dr. Ashenafi Hagos

  • Constrained Choices: Exploring the Complexities of Adolescent Girls’ Voice and Agency in Child Marriage Decisions in Pre and during Covid-19 situations.By Dr. Gudaye Emire and team
  • Unable to move and forced to return: COVID-19 and disruption of migration movements between Ethiopia and the Gulf States. By Tekalign Ayalew
  • Psychosocial and Spiritual Considerations during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ethiopia. By Dr. Mesele Mengsteab, et al


 Day Two: General Assembly Meeting

In day two, ESSSWA’s members convened to discuss  organizational matters, endorsed reports and the revised bylaw and elected governance body. 

Elected GA Leadership:

  • Dr. Dejene Gemechu Chair person
  • Dr. Dagne Shibru V/Chair person
  • W/t Elsabet Ayalew Secretary

 Opening remark: Dr. Zena Birhanu

  • 2020 ESSSWA’s Annual Audit Report: By Soliana Certified Audit Firm
  • 2020 ESSSWA’s Annual performance report: By Sintayehu Dejene (ESSSWA’s ED)
  • 2021 ESSSWA’s Annual Plan: By Sintayehu Dejene (ESSSWA’s ED)
  • ESSSWA’s Revised Bylaw: By Ato Teshome Mengiste (Board Member)
  • Election: The GA members elected 5 board members to replace those who have completed their terms of services

 Dr Zena

Outgoing Board members

  • Ato Kebede Ayele    Chairperson
  • Wro. Ribeka Woldeselassie V/chairperson
  • Dr. Alula Pankhurst Member
  • Dr. Zena Birhanu Member
  • Ato Teshome Mengiste Member

  Incoming (Newly Elected) Board Members

  • Professor Getenet Tadele
  • W/t Kiya Gezahegn
  • W/ro Tigest Tefera
  • Ato Amare Werku
  • Dr. Ashenafi Hagos


Newly elected and former board members with their new responsibilities

  • Professor Getenet Tadele: Chair Person
  • Dr. Rahwa Mussie: Vice Chair Person
  • Ato Haddush Halefom Member
  • W/t Kiya Gezahegn Member
  • W/ro Tigest Tefera Member
  • Ato Amare Werku Member
  • Dr. Ashenafi Hagos Member

Closing Remark: Ato Belete Dagne, Ministry of Women, Children and Youth Affairs representative