Pre ChSA Proclamation 621/2009

ESSSWA was founded with 93 founding members in June 1996 and recived its legal registration by MoJ in 1997. The rational of its establishment was: “Despite considerable number of graduates in those fields, they have remained virtually unrecognized” – is still valid.

Registration after the 2019 of Civil Society Proclamation

ESSSWA has been re-registered and accorded legal personality with registry Number 0350 on December 18, 2019 as local organization in accordance with the civil society organization proclamation No.1113/2019.

ESSSWA is in a process of finalizing its new bylaw and get ready to re–register as a professional association in the year to come.

 Under second SP of “Founding principles”: - The following point has to be included

The Third SP (2017 – 2019)

In light of the National Social Protection and Child Policies, ESSSWA has renewed its commitment to support efforts aimed at improving the social wellbeing of children and the Ethiopian people through using knowledge and skills of Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology and promoting an all-inclusive social development in Ethiopia.

ESSSWA’s fourth strategic plan (2020-2022) is under preparation.

  Regional Chapters

Currently ESSSWA has 7 regional chapters these are

1. Addis Ababa chapter; - A/A university),

2. North East chapter:- Mekelle university

3. North west chapter:- (Gonder, and Bahir-Dar) also Debre Markos University is under formation

4. South chapter: - Hawasa University

5. South west chapter: - Araba-Minch and

6. West Chapter: - Jimma university)

7. East chapter (Jigjiga University)

All chapters are attached with public universities that have departments in Sociology, Social Work or Anthropology. ESSSWA is also working with 12 public and 3 private universities
ESSSWA’s membership has also exceeded 2000.

Current status 

ESSSWA is currently engaged in implementing three projects financed by UNICEF, Population council and USAID who are shared the vision and objective of ESSSWA.

USAID:- The USAID Strengthening Social Service Systems in Ethiopia Project  is a five-year project funded by PEPFAR through USAID (July 2017 to June 2022) with an intended goal of improving the well-being of Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and their caregivers through strengthening the social service system in Ethiopia. The purpose of SSSSE is to enable OVCs and their caregivers whom are living with or affected by HIV and AIDS to utilize comprehensive social services aimed at building their resilience, facilitating access to testing and treatment resulting in viral load suppression. Contributing to the 95-95-95 effort requires a strengthened workforce, building the capacities of key stakeholders, developing tools and guidelines and improving evidence informed decisions.

UNICEF :- Strengthening Capacities of TVET colleges, OCCAC and Service Providing Institutions for Training and Deployment of Skilled social service workforce Project (SCOTSI) financed by UNICEF.

Population council: - Exploring and Tracing Changes in FGM/C: Shifting Norms and Practices in Ethiopian Communities